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Item 10 on the 12/3 Council Agenda

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2020 7:39 pm
by Steve Adler
At this week’s work session, I suggested making an amendment to item 10 to include the Downtown Austin Alliance (DAA) as a nominating entity for the Austin Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) board of directors. The draft amendment is linked below: ... 152143.pdf

The AEDC that we have today started with the Downtown Austin Plan envisioning that an organization could help bridge the gap between the public and private sector to accomplish large-scale civic projects.

It’s my hope and expectation that the DAA would be able to nominate someone with valuable professional expertise who would be able to connect the AEDC with resources in the live music, arts, culture, social services, historic preservation, and public and private redevelopments that all call downtown home.