Item 55 - Economic Development Corporation

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Item 55 - Economic Development Corporation

Post by Shannon Halley » Thu Oct 01, 2020 2:29 pm

Please find below amendments to Item 55 offered CM Tovo. Additions are marked by asterisks in Appendix B on p. 2:

Council Member Kathie Tovo
October 1, 2020

Amendments to Item #55

The composition of the Board shall consist of the President and representatives that hold a strong background, understanding and familiarity of the nominating organization and the community the nominating organization serves. Further, each representative shall possess demonstrable skills and experience in the areas of industry, public/private partnerships, infrastructure or transportation, real estate development or construction, urban/regional planning, *historic preservation*, finance, creative and music industry, minority and women-owned businesses (MWBE), and workforce. A written description of what counts as “expert” will be provided to the City Council and each Nominator by the City’s Economic Development Department. Each Nominator should be an external public entity or a City employee or official.

Place 1 Director, Economic Development Department (Public/Private)
Place 2 Director, City Neighborhood Housing & Community Development Department (Housing)
Place 3 Chief Equity Officer, City of Austin (Equity)
Place 4 City Chief Financial Officer (Finance)
Place 5 City of Austin Arts Commission (Arts)
Place 6 City of Austin Music Commission (Music)
Place 7 Board, Ethnic or Multi-Ethnic Chamber of Commerce (WMBE Business)
Place 8 Board, local area chamber of commerce (Industry)
Place 9 Board, local area urban land use and planning organization (Urban/Regional Planning)
Place 10 Board, local area real estate and construction planning organization (Real Estate Development/Construction)
Place 11 Board, local area transportation planning organization (Infrastructure/Transportation)
Place 12 Board, local workforce development board (Workforce Development)
Place 13 Board, local community college (Vocational and Workforce Education)
Place 14 Representative of a local university of higher education (Higher Education)
Place 15 Board, local independent school district (K-12 education)
Place 16 Board, local Continuum of Care organization (Homelessness)
Place 17 Board, local senior services organization (Senior Services)
Place 18 Board, local early childhood education organization (Early Childcare/Child Education)
Place 19 Board, *local historic preservationist (Historic Preservation)*
Place 20 President/CEO (Ex-Officio Officer)
Senior Policy Advisor
Office of Kathie Tovo, District 9