Kitchen 2nd Reading Amendments

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Kitchen 2nd Reading Amendments

Post by Ann Kitchen » Fri Feb 07, 2020 6:21 pm


To be effective, the code and mapping must recognize differences across the city and protect the ability to plan and be responsive to changes over time. I think we all agree increasing housing makes sense along major corridors where the city has the most opportunity for building housing and robust transit. We also agree Austin needs more housing types and housing that is affordable all over the city. We have set concrete targets to meet these goals.

I remain concerned, however, we are losing our way by mapping “one size fits all” transition zones that don’t achieve new development in the right place or at the right price. Current mapping will produce insignificant increases in capacity but is causing significant angst because people are worried about safety, flooding, and costs to stay in their homes. Worse still, zoning without accounting for the context risks accelerating the loss of older, more affordable housing for renters and families.

I hope we can continue discussing ways to develop a community-driven, data-based, and context-sensitive planning process that will ultimately serve the evolving needs and future growth of communities in and around Activity Centers and Corridors.

Attached are my amendments for second reading. I also am considering an additional amendment related to localized flooding. ... 80229.docx

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