Item 59 on Jan 23rd agenda

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Greg Casar
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Item 59 on Jan 23rd agenda

Post by Greg Casar » Wed Jan 22, 2020 4:14 pm

Dear colleagues,

Below please find a link to an updated draft resolution for Item 59. This draft contains clarifying changes primarily from our Law Department and Chief Manley. The changes included in this document were made to further clarify the original intent of the resolution when it was posted.

MPT Garza and I have requested a time certain of 4 PM for consideration of this item. There had been requests for consideration of the item in the evening, but after the conversation at work session, it seemed clear that members did not want to schedule the item for after dinner, so we have requested for the item to be taken up after zoning. ... 160026.pdf

I look forward to discussing this with you all tomorrow.

Gregorio "Greg" Casar
Council Member District 4

April Brown
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Re: Item 59 on Jan 23rd agenda

Post by April Brown » Thu Jan 23, 2020 1:16 pm

On behalf of Council Member Alter:


Please find two proposed amendments at the following link. I hope they will be considered friendly.
Link: ... 130012.pdf

Alison Alter
Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Leslie Pool
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Re: Item 59 on Jan 23rd agenda

Post by Leslie Pool » Thu Jan 23, 2020 1:22 pm

Colleagues, here's the revised amendment language for CM Casar's updated resolution that I'll offer later this afternoon. Thanks to Emily Gerrick for collaborating with my staff to craft the new text for the Be It Resolved section. The two items are ...

1. Add "misdemeanor" after "low level" throughout the document, and

2. Add the following paragraph at line 112, page 6:
“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Nothing in this resolution shall be construed as intending to violate or preempt state law or to limit the ability of the Austin Police Department to access THC concentration testing or pursue enforcement action in high priority or felony level cannabis-related offenses.” ... 131931.pdf


Leslie Pool
Council Member, District 7

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