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amendments to item 59 (Jan 23, 2020)

Posted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 3:06 pm
by Leslie Pool
I am wholly supportive of our move to de-prioritize misdemeanor marijuana offenses, and I agree with the sponsors that this is the right move in light HB 1325 that came without the necessary funding for testing to support local law enforcement and prosecutors.

I would like to make some clarifying changes to the resolution that I think are relatively simple, but essential. These clarifications will ensure that we send the right signals to our officers and to prosecutors that we do not intend to decriminalize felony-level offenses.

My red-line version is attached, with the following clarifying changes:
• Replaced “low-level” with “misdemeanor” throughout the resolution so that we are using easily defined terminology.
• Removed “trafficking” as a qualifier for felony offenses so that we are not jeopardizing felony prosecutions.
• Highlighted the intent, on page 5, to support felony-level cases in which the marijuana is not for personal use only.
• Replaced “eliminate” with “reduce” so that, again, we are clear that we support felony-level enforcement actions.

Here's a link to the red-line :: ... 150035.pdf

I hope these changes will be acceptable to the sponsors, and I look forward to our discussion tomorrow.