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Re: transportation improvements, McKalla Place

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:58 pm
by Christopher Hutchins
From CM Houston:

Thank you Council Member Garza for the amendments regarding Capital Metro, Parking and other Site Coordination Issues.

On page 4, specifically regarding the proposed funding for the bus/transit facilities: “PSV may request credit (for the value of transit improvements made, or direct financial contributions for transit) towards any traffic mitigation fees or transit improvements required pursuant to a traffic impact analysis, in accordance with the prioritization of improvements outlined therein.”

The way this amendment is worded, it appears to indicate that even though Precourt Sports Ventures would be helping fund transit facilities, they may have the ability to offset the cost by not covering their full share of the improvements identified in the traffic impact analysis.

Would this amendment allow Precourt Sports Venture not to fund their full share of improvements identified in the traffic impact analysis?