Value of Existing Older Structures in Austin

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Value of Existing Older Structures in Austin

Postby Louisa Brinsmade » Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:36 pm

Hello Collegues:

I'd like to share a link with you to a recent study by the National Trust for Historic Preservation called the "Atlas of ReUrbanism." This study focuses on the value across the board of "older, smaller, better" structures in terms of economic, demographic, and environmental benefits.

These older structures produce greater numbers of housing units, more jobs, and more local businesses (especially those owned by minorities and women). These are our building blocks for a more diverse, vibrant, and inclusive city.

Atlas of ReUrbanism:

Austin Fact Sheet: ... ceDialog=0

These figures give a good perspective on the questions we have before us in the code rewrite and illuminate the value that exists in terms of affordable market housing and small business within these older neighborhoods.

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