Surplus Furniture Available from CAPCOG

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Surplus Furniture Available from CAPCOG

Postby Ellen Troxclair » Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:50 am

Council Offices,

I received the following email about available surplus furniture available from CAPCOGs recent move. If you are interested in any of the office furniture, contact information is provided below.

To the CAPCOG Executive Committee –

As announced in staff reports at the June Executive Committee meeting, we have some surplus furniture since our move into our new office spaces. In accordance with our Assets Policy, surplus equipment that is fully depreciated and cannot be used within other program areas of CAPCOG will be made available to the cities, counties and other member organizations of CAPCOG.

Here is a list of the items that we have available:

Desk chairs:
1 black leather (not great condition)
1 brown leather
8 black cloth

Rolling conference chairs:
2 black leather (arms need repair)
5 red cloth
1 blue cloth
1 gray cloth

Classroom/conference chairs:
7 black (do not roll or stack – w arms)
7 green
2 gray
2 CTR Televisions -Yes, the old-fashioned kind (1 with a VCR tape player)

2 tall wooden bookcases, Dark brown
3 hutches for credenza/desk, Dark green with wood top (may stand on floor for side cabinet)
2 wall-mount white boards (small) with cabinet-like doors, suitable for conference room

If you are interested in any of these items, please let us know. If you’d like to see them or need more information you can contact me, or if I am not available (I will be out of the office next week), Mason Canales in Administrative Services can help you.

Please arrange for picking up any items you’ve selected – it may be convenient to bring a truck to the next Executive Committee meeting on July 12th. We’d like to remove these from the inventory to be conducted in July.

Thank you!

Sheila Jennings
Director of Administration
Capital Area Council of Governments
Ph: 512-916-6006 ~ Fax: 512-916-6001 ~
Council Member District 8
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