Bowie High School Expansion - Item #58

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Bowie High School Expansion - Item #58

Postby Ellen Troxclair » Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:44 pm

On April 20, Council unanimously approved Resolution #20170420-028 which initiated amendments to the Land Development Agreement that AISD has with the City of Austin.

One of the key components of that resolution is the transfer of development rights from a parcel of land in Travis Country for AISD to use on needed expansions of facilities within the boundary of the Edwards Aquifer Barton Springs Zone. From my conversations with staff and the District, both parties still maintain this same goal.

This remains a high priority for Southwest Austin, and is reflected in the recommendations made by both the Environmental and Planning Commissions and the many emails my office has received.

Please ensure that a specific and direct reference to the transfer of the Travis Country property is made in the ordinance. This was not only a critical part of the original resolution, but has also been reiterated by recommendations adopted by both the Environmental and Planning Commissions. My understanding is that the legal department is drafting a motion sheet to be passed out on the dais. With that language included, I continue to strongly support this ordinance and hope the Council will pass it.

If this language is not ready or if there are outstanding questions, I respectfully request that you postpone this item on Thursday.. I want to ensure everyone is comfortable with what I see as a mutually beneficial arrangement for the City, AISD, and Travis Country. Thank you!

Ellen Troxclair
Ellen Troxclair
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