06/21 CodeNEXT Worksession

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06/21 CodeNEXT Worksession

Postby Steve Adler » Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:57 am


For our Wednesday, June 21st worksession, I offer the specific questions below related to the posted CodeNEXT topics. Please post any related specific questions you may have as soon as possible so as to provide staff/consultants with sufficient time to prepare their presentation.

June 21, 2017 12-3 p.m.

Process and procedure changes in Code Next text

Neighborhood Plans, Small Area Plans, and Code Next

- Future Small Area Planning Process - what happens after adoption and how are neighborhoods / businesses engaged in future land use planning to implement Imagine Austin (e.g. policies about growth along corridors, throughout the city)

Code Next, Imagine Austin, and the Imagine Austin Growth Concept Map

- How does the CodeNEXT draft map and text follow the guidelines laid out in Imagine Austin and how do they support the Growth Concept Map? Please provide specific examples.
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Re: 06/21 CodeNEXT Worksession

Postby Ann Kitchen » Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:51 am


Last week I proposed on the Message Board and discussed at the Work Session an approach to addressing the small area planning process. As part of that discussion, Council requested that staff/consultants come forward with an approach and reflect that approach in the next draft of CodeNext mapping and draft language.

I repost my suggestion - as I am looking forward to the staff/consultants commenting on this suggestion, responding to Council's request and affirming the intention to reflect in the 2nd Draft of the mapping/Code


CodeNext alignment with Imagine Austin for all of Austin is one of the goals of CodeNext, both now and in the future. So that all parts of Austin have the opportunity for more transportation options (e.g. less congested roads, transit options etc) walkable neighborhoods, housing choices, jobs closer to home, etc.

The following is my attempt to suggest an approach for describing in CodeNext and moving forward with the Small Area Plan process that has been discussed as one of the ways to achieve the Imagine Austin goals. I suggest the following as a starting point for discussion:

- Establish geographic area along corridors throughout the city that will be considered as appropriate and as priorities for small area plans (Small Area Planning Zones) and reflect these Small Area Planning Zones in Draft 2 of the proposed CodeNext zoning map

- Corridors are defined as the list identified for construction or planning funding in the 2016 Mobility Bond and additional corridors, if any, identified in CapMetro's Project Connect high capacity transit system once adopted and in the ATD ASMP, once adopted.

- Develop and define criteria (and include in the draft CodeNext) when the small area planning process is employed for a Small Area Planning Zone to include: alignment with transportation and affordable housing investments; and applications for significant development in the Zone as evidenced by specified development processes


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