Code Next work sessions

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Code Next work sessions

Postby Kathie Tovo » Wed May 17, 2017 9:30 am

Dear Colleagues,

As I mentioned in yesterday’s work session, I believe it would be helpful to organize a series of focused discussions on Code Next – either during the slot identified for that purpose on the existing Tuesday work sessions or perhaps on another day as the Mayor suggested.

The work sessions that Council organized during the 2012 Austin Energy rate review process provides a good example of how we might approach our analysis of CodeNext and the maps. Below are links to the Austin Energy work session resolution and schedule for reference:

There seemed to be agreement yesterday that the June 6 work session could be focused on the following Code Next topics:

Proposed procedure and process changes contained in Draft Code Text (I believe this topic will take some considerable time - at least an hour)
Timeline (during CodeNext consideration process and beyond)
Code corrections process

I have a running list of other topics, but as we discussed, if everyone uses this forum to post suggested topics, I will organize into a proposed draft schedule and bring back to Council for discussion on June 6 or as a formal resolution for the June 8 Council meeting.


Kathie Tovo
Mayor Pro Tem District 9
Kathie Tovo
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Re: Code Next work sessions

Postby Steve Adler » Tue May 23, 2017 9:03 am

Thank you, Mayor Pro Tem, for getting the ball rolling on this conversation regarding CodeNEXT.

As a starting place, my office has floated a handful of dates to your offices for which we might set aside some specific time for CodeNEXT conversations. Those dates are generally every Wednesday from 1-3pm starting next week and going up until our July break. These would be optional meetings, but they’ll serve as a venue to have a focused conversation as a group.

Mayor Pro Tem offers some topics above to kick off our first meeting. In addition, we can work with staff and use some of our time next week to discuss a timeline for subsequent topics of discussion.

Thank you and please respond with any ideas or comments you might have.
Steve Adler
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Ideas for CodeNext work sessions

Postby Alison Alter » Tue May 23, 2017 4:25 pm

Thank you Mayor Pro Tem Tovo for kicking off this discussion.

The City Charter requires that land development regulations be consistent with the comprehensive plan. I think it would be useful for us to discuss how the CodeNext draft map and text may or may not be following the guidelines laid out in Imagine Austin and how they support the Growth Concept Map.

In addition, I hope the consultants will present the promised models of the code. I know I would benefit from some visual representations of how the many pieces fit together.

Alison Alter
Council Member, District 10
Alison Alter
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Re: Code Next work sessions

Postby Ann Kitchen » Thu May 25, 2017 12:29 pm

Thank you all for your comments on Code Next Work Sessions. Here are initial thoughts on sessions:

1) I would ask that we have our first CodeNext discussion on either May 30th or 31st and that we set the meeting as a priority at a time certain - inotherwords, if we push to the end of an agenda, we won't get to it and/or won't provide sufficient time.

2) I would ask that we have the 2nd discussion on June 6th, as the first item on the Work Session agenda. I will have to be out of town on Wednesday, June 7th on City business - and really want to participate in these discussions. So - if it works for others, I'd like to suggest June 6th for the Code Next meeting.

3) I would note that we have limited time for discussion before the July break - only 5 weeks if we start next week, and have a discussion each week until July 5th. This likely only allows for time to discuss about 5 to 8 topics or so - given the amount of time some of these issues will take just for these initial discussions.

4) Thoughts on topics (in addition to those already mentioned by MPT Tovo, CM Alter)
(A) Future Small Area Planning Process - what happens after adoption and how are neighborhoods / businesses engaged in future land use planning to implement Imagine Austin (e.g. policies about growth along corridors, throughout the city)

(B) Infrastructure planning and CodeNext - how do we align water, wastewater, corridor planning, transportation and other infrastructure considerations with CodeNext. Inotherwords, do we know the extent to which our existing infrastructure supports proposed new zoning categories and if not, what processes will the city follow to make that assessment / address infrastructre issues

(C) McMansion Ordinance - understanding how this ordinance is carried through in the new Code

There are other topics which I will contribute to the discussion, but wanted to just mention these initial questions.


Ann Kitchen
City Council D5
Ann Kitchen
Council Member District 5
Ann Kitchen
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