Item 30 Allandale and Rosedale Planning Area Boundaries

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Item 30 Allandale and Rosedale Planning Area Boundaries

Postby Louisa Brinsmade » Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:58 am

To my colleagues:

I understand this item has been pulled for Work Session, and just to save time, I'd like to get some information out there.

Q: Why are you making this change?
A: This is a District 7 housekeeping change to sync the neighborhood boundaries with the planning area boundaries.

Q: Why is this being brought up now?
A: Rosedale is next in the city staff’s queue for a neighborhood planning effort.

Q: Why is the Rosedale Planning Area bigger than just the Rosedale neighborhood?
A: A planning area can encompass several neighborhoods. In this case, the Rosedale Planning Area would encompass Rosedale, Ridgelea, and Oakmont Heights. My resolution would not change that – it would just fix a discrepancy in the boundaries in order to keep Allandale whole, rather than splitting it up among two different planning areas.

Q: Why were the planning boundaries different in the first place?
A: I think our staff can answer that question. But my intent is to make sure the boundaries are clear when Rosedale starts its planning process.

Q: How many neighborhood planning areas are left to do in the urban core?
A: Including the North Shoal Creek neighborhood, which is finishing their neighborhood planning area process, Rosedale and Allandale are the last in line in the urban core.

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Re: Item 30 Allandale and Rosedale Planning Area Boundaries

Postby Jimmy Flannigan » Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:34 pm

I still have some questions about this change. I think the planning area boundaries should follow logical planning principles, not just neighborhood association lines. I think it makes much more sense to plan the proposed area with Rosedale and keeping Hancock as the border between areas rather than add that area to Allendale when there is no connectivity between it and the rest of the area.

Keeping the planning areas as-is (divided by Hancock) would keep Bull Creek Rd and 45th in the same contiguous planning area, rather than split between two.

Is there some pressing need to make this map change now separate from initiating the plan for Rosedale? Couldn't the map change be made at that time when a more robust conversation about the planning process could be had?
Jimmy Flannigan
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