Departmental Budget Review on 4/12

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Departmental Budget Review on 4/12

Postby Steve Adler » Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:39 pm


On Wednesday of next week, 4/12, we have the departmental budget review for four departments:

-Neighborhood Housing
-Development Services
-Municipal Court

How would we like to handle this in the designated three hour period?

We could allot 45 minutes per department and have short presentations by each followed by Q&A (15 minutes for presentation and 30 minutes for Q&A).

We could also ask departments to submit handouts and make no presentations, allowing for 45 minutes of Q&A.

Either way, each Council Member could be afforded the chance to ask a couple questions, then move to the next Council Member, until we’ve all had a chance to ask a question, before anyone gets to ask more than their first couple questions.

What do you think?

Steve Adler
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Re: Departmental Budget Review on 4/12

Postby Jimmy Flannigan » Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:56 am

It might be worth a test to just go right to Q&A. 4 departments over 3 hours seems like a challenge based on previous work sessions! We can use this opportunity to see how effective it is to skip the presentations. I'm comfortable with asking just a few questions round-robin as well... the difficulty is if that's too structured for the natural back/forth of some topics. For example, if one CM asks an important question and I have a follow up to staff's answer, it might be better to cover it at that moment rather than wait for my turn around the dais.
Jimmy Flannigan
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