Boards & Commissions Nominations by CM Casar for 4/23/15

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Neesha Dave
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Boards & Commissions Nominations by CM Casar for 4/23/15

Post by Neesha Dave » Mon Apr 20, 2015 2:00 pm

Below is a list of the applicants to Boards and Commissions that Council Member Casar plans on nominating at this Thursday’s Council Meeting. Per Council Member Pool’s request, Council Member Casar wanted to provide the names of his nominees in advance of the meeting.

District 4 Nominees for 4/23/15 Council Meeting:
Brett Barnes – Arts Commission
Marshall Mitchell – Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities
Martin Luecke – Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Implementation Advisory Commission
Gavin Garcia – Music Commission
Birger Schmitz – Parks and Recreation Board
Paula Buls – Human Rights Commission

Thank you!
Neesha Davé
Chief of Staff
Office of Council Member Greg Casar, District 4