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May 9th Meeting

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 5:40 pm
by Ann Kitchen

I have prepared amendment language for two of our agenda items based on discussions at our recent work session.

The first provides added direction to staff related to Item #8, Approving the proposed Dougherty Arts Center redevelopment site at Butler Shores Park.
The direction can be found here: ... 171414.pdf

The second outlines amendments to the ordinance for Item #27, to establish a residential affordable housing development bonus program to address issues of eligibility and accessible parking needs. I also anticipate bringing an additional amendment. I am currently working with legal to prepare language that will list contractual requirements for contracts with developers participating in the bonus program. ... 171833.pdf

Ann Kitchen
District 5 Council Member

Re: May 9th Meeting

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 6:22 pm
by Greg Casar

Here are the motions that I plan to present for Item 27 (Affordability Unlocked). As I described yesterday, it includes an amended base motion that includes the planning commission recommendations on minimum site area and screening/design, clarifications to that language to ensure the outcome that I believe was intended by the commissioners, and language to ensure cooperatives (which are often rented by the bedroom rather than by the unit) can participate in Affordability Unlocked. Also, as I mentioned I’ve included language that reduces the minimum lot size for multifamily (as described at work session), and my latest draft also allows this reduced lot size for affordable housing more generally.

In response to concerns we discussed during work session about the length of affordability periods, I’ve added an amendment to ensure the affordability period in Affordability Unlocked will increase automatically as soon as we raise any AHFC requirements. Also, in response to the conversation as it relates to accessible parking, I have included an amendment that removes all waivers or reductions to accessible parking and that continues requiring accessible parking spots on-site, even when very few non-accessible parking spaces are required. ... 180147.pdf

See y’all tomorrow,

Re: May 9th Meeting

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 8:54 am
by Louisa Brinsmade
On behalf of Council Member Pool:


Here are my amendments for Item #27, Affordability Unlocked. These changes help facilitate the inclusion of cooperatives into the density bonus program. CM Casar has included them as well in his amendments, but there are a few gaps, so let's reconcile them on the dais: ... 085340.pdf

Looking forward to our discussion.