CM Pool Budget Amendments

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CM Pool Budget Amendments

Post by Louisa Brinsmade » Wed Sep 05, 2018 7:24 pm

On behalf of Council Member Pool:

Colleagues -
I will not be present for our budget work session on Thursday, September 6 as I am representing the city at a conference. At our August 29 work session, I spoke about some of the budget amendments I’d like to see, and have prepared the proposals for your discussion on September 6 and September 11.

1. Youth Homelessness Funds to Leverage the Federal HUD Initiative
We had a broader discussion about more funding for homelessness, and as part of that, I mentioned my proposal to fill a gap in funding for youth homelessness related to the federal HUD dollars. That proposal can be found at the following link: ... 173824.pdf

2. Rapid Rehousing for Families with Children
I support more funding for rapid rehousing and recognize the need to remain flexible on those dollars, but I would also like to stress the importance of meeting the critical need of families with children experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity. Keeping our focus on this population when we prioritize those funds will mean better outcomes for these young people and their families: ... 184056.pdf

3. Parks Recycling in all Austin Parks
The Parks Recycling Task Force Report was submitted to Council on August 15th, and recommends funding recycling in all of Austin’s parks. The report lays out a variety of funding options. After reviewing the report with the Co-Chairs of the task force and with PARD and Budget Office staff, I am recommending two options for funding parks recycling. The details can be found in the following documents:
- CM Pool Parks Recycling Proposal: ... 182722.pdf
- CM Pool Parks Recycling Funding Options Table: ... 180330.pdf

4. Youth Services and Programming at Eastern Crescent Recreation Centers
We have the capacity, through facility renovations, improvements, and expansions to serve more children during out of school time in our recreation centers. We have tremendous and increasing demand by our families for these services, especially in the Eastern Crescent. This proposal would provide this academic, social, and physical benefit for 132 more of our youth in a safe and supportive environment. Details can be found here: ... 174103.pdf

I want to thank my colleagues for considering these budget amendments. Questions or comments are welcome.

Leslie Pool, Council Member District 7
Policy Advisor
Office of Leslie Pool, Council Member District 7