Items 60 & 130, McKalla Place, June 28 agenda

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Leslie Pool
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Items 60 & 130, McKalla Place, June 28 agenda

Post by Leslie Pool » Tue Jun 26, 2018 5:47 pm


I wanted to follow up on my work session remarks on Items 60 and 130.

These items are complementary and, together, put the City in the best decision-making and negotiating position. I believe that directing City staff to consider only one proposal would put the City staff who will be negotiating on behalf of the City at a distinct disadvantage and would send a message to PSV that they do not need to put their best foot forward.

I wanted to re-emphasize that while I would prefer a full RFP, I crafted Item 60 to establish a different process and address concerns about the timeline. However, my understanding is that there are still lingering concerns that Item 60 would impact the timeline.

To address this, I will be bringing language to further clarify and address this concern. My intent is to keep us on the same timeline that Item 130 establishes – and to that end, I plan to incorporate the language Item 130 uses to describe the timeline into Item 60, as well. Specifically, I plan to incorporate the following language directing the City Manager to establish a process that “analyzes all submitted proposals and returns to the City Council on August 9, 2018 for a status update or for Council action.”

You can find a copy of my one-pager on Item 60 here: ... 171049.pdf.

Additionally, I have worked with my colleagues, Council Members Alter, Houston, and Troxclair, to produce a ‘principles document’ outlining our approach to the soccer stadium discussion. You can read that document here: ... 171134.pdf.

Based on these principles, our offices have developed a number of proposed amendments that can build on the good work done so far on Item 130. In the interest of saving time on what is looking to be a long meeting, I have incorporated these individual amendments into one document. We can take these amendments up together or as separate pieces – whichever way the Council prefers.

As promised, I'm putting these proposed amendments up as soon as possible to ensure everyone is able to review and digest them before this week’s Council meeting. I appreciate all the work my colleagues have done on both Item 60 and 130. It is my hope that we can adopt both resolutions this week and continue this conversation with all of our options on the table.

You can find these amendments here: ... 170834.pdf.

Leslie Pool
Council Member, District 7