Planning Commission Item #16

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Ann Kitchen
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Planning Commission Item #16

Post by Ann Kitchen » Wed May 09, 2018 12:02 pm

On behalf of Council Member Kitchen:

Motion to replace Options A and B; NOW THEREFORE,

Delete Parts 1 and 2.
Replace Part 3 with the following:

Administrative Requirements.

(A) The City Manager, in consultation with the City Clerk, is directed to provide a questionnaire for applicants to open positions on the Planning Commission designed to assist the Council in determining whether an individual is “directly or indirectly connected with real estate and land development.”
(B) The City Manager is directed to begin requiring completion of the questionnaire for subsequent applications for appointment or reappointment to the Planning Commission.
(C) Upon completion of the application process, the Clerk’s Office shall provide the questionnaire to the nominating council member, providing opportunity for an alternative nominee. When the nomination moves forward, the Clerk’s Office will distribute nominee’s questionnaire to Council for review 10 days prior to Council vote on approval of individuals. Council will discuss nominations at the work session prior to council meeting posted for nominee’s approval.
(D) The City Manager is directed to create and bring back for approval, by June 14, 2018, a process for removing Planning Commissioners if the Commission’s composition does not comply with the City Charter. If a charter amendment is required to remove Planning Commissioners, the City Manager is directed to bring back potential charter amendments for Council’s consideration.
Ann Kitchen
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Alison Alter
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Re: Planning Commission Item #16

Post by Alison Alter » Wed May 09, 2018 4:53 pm


Below is the amendment that I distributed at work session on Tuesday. I still intend to offer it at tomorrow's meeting.

Link to amendment: ... sp=sharing

Alison Alter
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