Item 11 on the 04.26.18 Agenda - Council Committees

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Steve Adler
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Item 11 on the 04.26.18 Agenda - Council Committees

Post by Steve Adler » Fri Apr 20, 2018 1:35 pm


I will not be in attendance at the Council Work Session on Tuesday, April 24. I would like to request that any discussion on Item #11 (Council Committees) be deferred to Thursday so that I can participate in that discussion. I also think staff’s proposed language doesn’t quite get to council’s intent so I’ll post some language to consider on Mon or Tues.


Jimmy Flannigan
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Re: Item 11 on the 04.26.18 Agenda - Council Committees

Post by Jimmy Flannigan » Tue Apr 24, 2018 4:38 pm

Here's the substitute ordinance, slightly revised from the one I distributed for Item 11 during today’s council work session. This attached draft has been properly formatted by our Law Department and contains minor grammatical and stylistic changes that they proposed.

My substitute ordinance would be a Code amendment that

(1) Increases the membership of Council Committees from three to a maximum of five Council Members (excluding Austin Energy which will be left to a Committee of the Whole).
(2) Changes the language from an “appointment” from the Mayor to a “nomination” from the Mayor.
(3) Retains the Mayor’s responsibility for consolidating and developing a nomination list for the committee membership that is presented to the full Council for consideration and final approval.
(4) Changes the process from a straight up or down vote of the Mayor’s nomination list to also allow the City Council to make any individual or collective change to the Mayor’s nomination list before approving the committee council membership; and
(5) Clarifies that that the quorum of the committee is based on the total number of members for the committee. So if, for example, a committee has four or five members the quorum is three members.

Link to revised draft ordinance: ... 163528.pdf
Jimmy Flannigan
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