Item 35 on 3/8/18 agenda (AWU rates)

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Item 35 on 3/8/18 agenda (AWU rates)

Postby Kathie Tovo » Wed Mar 07, 2018 6:24 pm


On tomorrow's agenda, we're scheduled for a public hearing and possible action on Austin Waster Utility rates. I plan to make an amendment to implement the ammonia surcharge in May 2018 rather than November 2018. Although I missed the submission deadline for the Q/A, I have provided the following questions to AWU and to the agenda office for discussion tomorrow.


When did Austin Water Utility notice increased levels of ammonia and sulfates at the Walnut Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant?

It is my understanding that Samsung was determined to be one source of the increased ammonia and sulfates; please identify the percentage of ammonia coming from industrial corporations and describe how that percentage is divided among companies.

Please describe the extent of the increased levels for both ammonia and sulfates.

What are the total costs that AWU has incurred to remove these high levels of ammonia?

Will the new ammonia surcharge include labor costs associated with treating the wastewater?

Since AWU cannot remove sulfates, please detail the environmental and other impacts associated with high levels of sulfates.

How does AWU plan to respond to the high levels of sulfates?

Does/do the company/companies responsible for these discharges have options for pre-treating the water before discharge? If so, why haven’t those options been implemented?

Why are staff recommending a delay in implementing the ammonia surcharge?

If available, please estimate the cost other ratepayers have borne as a result of AWU’s increased costs to treat high levels of ammonia.
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Re: Item 35 on 3/8/18 agenda (AWU rates)

Postby Leslie Pool » Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:22 am

MPT Tovo, thank you for the questions to AWU relating to ammonia and sulfates levels in our water supply coming from industrial users. I am of the opinion that these customers should be fully financially and operationally responsible for removing or remediating any pollutants their industrial processes add to Austin's water system. As good corporate partners, I would anticipate that industrial customers recognize their responsibility to our community, and will join the City in ensuring the health and safety Austin's water supply.

I support your inquiry.

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