Item 4 Amendments for 3/8/18 Meeting

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Item 4 Amendments for 3/8/18 Meeting

Post by Greg Casar » Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:42 pm


Please find below the amendments I will be offering tomorrow on Item 4, the adoption of the Austin Strategic Direction 2023 Plan, for the Economic Opportunity & Affordability outcome area and the Safety outcome area.

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Item 4 Amendments

--Economic Opportunity & Affordability--

B. Income Equality
Delete “3. Number and percentage of census tracts meeting criteria for R/ECAP (Racially/Ethnically Concentrated Areas of Poverty)”
Add “3. Number and percentage of census tracts that are economically or racially segregated (i.e., census tracts that are not demographically reflective of the City of Austin’s demographics, census tracts of high opportunity areas that have a high percentage of white residents or a median family income greater than 120%, Martin Prosperity Institute’s measure of economic segregation)”

D. Housing
Add “7. Ratio of low income residents (below 60% MFI) residing in the City of Austin to residents residing in the Greater Austin MSA”

G. Economic Mobility
Add “5(c). Overall Economic Mobility metric for the City of Austin”


B. Fair administration of justice
Add “7. Number and percentage of unique individuals incarcerated in local jail, state prison or federal prison, or jailed awaiting trial”

Add “11. Pursue evidence-based strategies to address root causes of harm, crime and lack of public safety”
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