RE: Item #5 allocation of Hotel Occupancy Taxes

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RE: Item #5 allocation of Hotel Occupancy Taxes

Postby Steve Adler » Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:37 pm


I intend to offer the following amendment to the revised version of the ordinance provided by staff yesterday. After reviewing the resolution adopted by Council at our 08/31/2017 meeting (Item 60) as well as the 08/31 meeting minutes and transcript, I believe this amendment more accurately reflects the intent of the resolution Council adopted, and specifically the final amendment to the resolution by Councilmember Alter, and is consistent with the discussion at this week’s Council worksession.

Proposed amended ordinance: ... 121423.pdf

08/31/2017 Adopted Resolution (Item #60, note final “Whereas” clause):

08/31/2017 Council Meeting Minutes (Page 25, CM Alter friendly amendment):

08/31/2017 Council Meeting Transcript (Page 83, CM Alter Comments RE: intent of amendment immediately before and after 4:44:14 PM Timestamp):
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